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March 01, 2019

If you’re constantly feeling weak, run down, or exhausted throughout the day, chances are you may have a weakened immune system. It’s important to fix this imbalance immediately, as a weak immune system can lead to potentially dangerous scenarios where your body is incapable of protecting itself against bacteria and viruses. Getting that immune boost can be the difference between getting sick and staying healthy all year long. There are many ways in which we can boost our immune systems. Taking a daily essential like IMMUSE™ can be a game changer when it comes to fortifying the immune system. IMMUSE™ is more than just an immune system booster. This revolutionary immune system supplement replenishes the body with potent peptides that work to build up immunity and strengthen the immune system response over time. Each bottle is expertly handcrafted in order to maintain the highest level of protein integrity. Our peptide blend is also infused with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help fill in nutritional gaps. Other immune system boosters include:
  • Cutting Back on Smoking and Drinking
  • Getting Enough Sleep Every Night
  • Avoiding Infection
  • Staying Away From Stress

Cut Back On Smoking And Drinking

Whether you’re a habitual smoker/drinker or simply have a few cigarettes or beers when you’re out with your friends, smoking and drinking can severely impact your immune system. Both alcohol and tobacco are known for inhibiting and blocking the immune system’s response against any dangerous bacteria. You can become prone to infections and dangerous diseases, which would normally be avoided. Reducing your alcohol and tobacco intake can positively impact your immune system and allow it to respond better to any outside agents.

Get Enough Sleep Every Night

Not getting enough sleep can be a major disservice to your immune system. Many of us live hectic lifestyles that require us to stay up late and wake up early, negatively impacting the hours of sleep every night. Sleep is vital for the immune system, as it uses this time to produce cytokines, which are proteins that work together to protect the body against infections and eliminate them faster. By not receiving enough sleep every night, the immune system isn’t able to produce as many cytokines, which reduces their effectiveness against potentially harmful agents. As adults, it’s important that we receive seven to nine hours of sleep each night to not only give our bodies the energy needed to get through the day but to also allow our immune systems to produce the correct amount of cytokines every night.

Avoid Infection

While the immune system is designed to defend against infection, you should still avoid them when possible. This can be accomplished by simply following good hygiene techniques, which includes washing your hands after using the bathroom, not shaking hands with a sick person, or doing any task that requires getting your hands dirty. Avoiding infection ensures that your immune system support is ready to get to work should anything serious come your way.

Reduce Stress

Stress is considered to be one of the main causes of us catching illnesses and diseases. People may find that they’re overwhelmed due to work or school, which activates stress within the body. This causes the body to get stuck in a constant fight or flight response. The body then overproduces cortisol and throws off the immune system’s ability to respond. Unable to respond, the body is left nearly defenseless against viruses and other pathogens. Reducing outside influences of stress allows your body to initiate its stress-response, as well as regulate its immune system.

Take IMMUSE™ Daily

IMMUSE™ is designed to be the best nutraceutical for creating an invincible immune system. Filled with 100% of daily values for a wide range of nutrients as well as its proprietary blend of essential peptides, IMMUSE™ gives your body the best chance to effectively respond to anything. Simply take two pills of IMMUSE™ daily and you’ll provide your body with a wide range of health benefits. Along with taking IMMUSE™, there are other immune system boosters like consuming a nutrient-rich diet and getting enough sleep that can have a tremendous impact on our health. If you’re interested in starting IMMUSE™ and taking your health to the next level, visit our shop today!