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February 22, 2019

Many companies offer their members an opportunity to join their rewards program in order to receive points. What’s makes the loyalty rewards program at IMMUSE™ different from other companies, is that our members have the opportunity to not only get rewarded for being apart of our wellness community, but they can also help those who are less fortunate receive the same life-changing health benefits. IMMUSE™ is a revolutionary immune system support supplement made from the most natural sources.

The Most Advanced Immune Support Supplement

IMMUSE™ is expertly designed with a proprietary blend of nutrient-rich peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to fortify the immune system. These peptides act as biologic response modifiers due to their ability to improve biological processes and enhance immune system activity. The small size of peptides also prevents them from being digested in the intestinal tract and enables them to go directly into the bloodstream, allowing for maximum absorption and potency. Our special extraction also allows us to preserve 95% of protein integrity, creating a powerful and concentrated peptide blend.

Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

The inspiration behind IMMUSE™ was to create an essential nutraceutical that would promote optimal health and prevent diseases. When taken daily, IMMUSE™ enhances the body’s natural ability to:
  • Strengthen the immune system response
  • Prevent cell damage
  • Initiate internal repair
  • Support optimal hormone balance
  • Increase energy levels
  • Prevent the development of both minor and serious illnesses
  • Improve health and overall quality of life

Education & Wellness Tips

At IMMUSE™, we are strong advocates of educating our members about new discoveries and innovations when it comes to health promotion and disease prevention. Through educational and wellness based materials, we are constantly informing our members on different ways to achieve and maintain optimal health. We also take pride in bringing our members back to basics and connecting them with fundamental and ancient concepts used by our ancestors for survival. IMMUSE™ was based on the concept of glandular therapy, which has been used for centuries as an important form of medicine. Glandular therapy involves the use of animal glands to support human health. Inspired by the oldest, most powerful and natural elements, IMMUSE™ provide pure, potent and living peptides, cultivated from porcine liver and spleen cells, the animal closest to the human genome. By supplying the body with the highest protein integrity in every capsule, we are providing our members with the same protection that helped our ancestors survive the harshest of living conditions.

Giving Back To The Community

IMMUSE™ gives its rewards members the opportunity to give back to their global community. Through our Take One Give One initiative, we have partnered up with Global Empowerment Mission to provide relief aid to families in third world countries. For every bottle purchased, we will give a bottle of IMMUSE™ to someone in need along with relief supplies like clean water and organic meals.

Protect Yourself And Others With IMMUSE™

Our wellness community is dedicated to helping its members achieve overall health and well-being through our immune support supplement and continual education. We also provide a unique opportunity for our members to greatly impact the lives of others who may not have access to preventative medicine and basic medical treatments. To join our rewards program and become a driver of change in our wellness community, shop online today.