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January 28, 2019

What comes to your mind when you think of a weak immune system? Most people believe it is a simple case of having frequent colds or illnesses. However, our immune system does so much more than just fight off colds. Therefore, if you are having consistent colds, your immune system may need extra replenishment. Learning to pay attention to your body is one of the best things you can do for your health. Especially learning to identify the symptoms of a weak immune system. Being aware of the signals your body is sending is optimal for resolving health issues before they get worse. Even more important, is taking the necessary steps toward optimal health like taking an all-natural, daily essential like IMMUSE™. IMMUSE™ is expertly handcrafted with a proprietary blend of nutrient-rich peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to fortify the immune system. Its proprietary blend consists of unique organic peptides and amino acids, whose main function is to react aggressively against foreign bodies like bacteria and viruses.

Signs Of A Weak Immune System

The immune system has a huge influence on how our bodies function. Being aware of the symptoms of a weak immune system allows you to properly treat your body according to the symptoms that are arising. Regardless of your health situation, knowing what is weakening your immune system is key to unlocking a healthy life of longevity.

Constantly Fatigued

If your energy levels are struggling, then so is your immune system. When energy is low, the body attempts to conserve the energy needed to fuel the immune system. No matter how much caffeine you try to consume, you will continue to feel tired. If you are constantly waking up feeling fatigued, then your immune system may need extra support. When your immune system is not functioning properly, your body is going to wear itself out faster. When your immune system is fatigued, it will not be able to fight off harmful bacteria and parasites.

Persistent Colds

Frequent colds could be part of a larger underlying problem with your health. The average cold typically lasts seven to ten days. Our immune system takes three to four days to develop the antibodies needed to fight off a cold. However, if you find yourself getting sick right after, then your immune system is in trouble and is struggling to keep up.

Repeated Infections

Infections can develop every now and then. Even in healthy adults. This includes common infections like gingivitis and urinary tract infections. If your immune system is weak, it will have a hard time killing the bacteria causing the infection. Thus, the infection will return again and again. Keeping your immune system in top-notch condition improves your body’s ability to heal. If your immune system is weak, healing will take longer to fight the infection.

Constantly Stressed

When you are stressed out, hormones are released into the body. These hormones interfere with the immune system's natural functions. Constant stress results in inflammation, reduced white blood cells, and increased tissue deterioration. Daily factors that fuel stress also weaken your immune system. This includes:
  • Always Being Irritable & Pessimistic
  • Bottling Up Your Emotions
  • Constantly Concerned About Money Troubles
  • You Are Always "On-The-Go"
  • You Have No Hobby or Stress Relieving Outlet
  • You Take Everything Personally
  • You Have To Deal With A Stressful Commute To Work

Wounds Take More Time To Heal

Whenever you cut, scrape, or burn your skin, it immediately goes into damage control mode. Your body then delivers nutrient-rich blood to the site of the wound to repair your skin. This helps to generate new and healthy skin. When your immune system is weak, it will have a difficult time regenerating new skin. Leaving the wound to linger and unable to heal properly.

Swollen Or Hard Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes will swell up when your body is fighting off bacteria. However, if the swelling persists, then your immune system is weaker than it should be. You can try and improve your immune system through the food you eat. However, it is not always easy to absorb those nutrients and sometimes not even possible. The best way you can keep your immune system in optimal condition is with a daily nutraceutical like IMMUSE™. Just one of these powerful supplements recharges your body’s natural defense system. Your body’s immunity is restored with essential nutrients and vitamins that you can not get from today’s modern diet.

Essential Peptide Support 

Your immunity plays an important role when it comes to staying healthy and avoiding illness. While you can try and eat as healthy as possible, sometimes our bodies fall short. This is due to the food not being truly rich in nutrients. Including a daily immune system support supplement counterbalances this, keeping our bodies fully rejuvenated every single day. The key to recharging your immunity is by combining a healthy lifestyle with a powerful nutraceutical likeIMMUSE™. Since our immune system never stops working, it pays to supplement the body’s strongest defense system. Our nutraceutical supplement,IMMUSE™, ensures that all your nutritional needs are met. Take the most beneficial steps to maintain optimal health. Discover how powerful the boosting vitamins and mineralsIMMUSE™ provides for the immune system. Your once a day key to a healthy and happy life.Shop Today.