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December 19, 2018

The benefits of peptides in areas like immune system function have been widely known for many years. Peptides can play a vital role when it comes to building immunity and strengthening the immune system’s response. The immune boosting supplement, IMMUSE™, provides the body with a daily supply of essential peptides and amino acids that aid in blocking foreign invaders like bacteria and viruses before they compromise the system. IMMUSE™ essentially mobilizes the immune system to help it prevent and treat diseases.

What Is A Peptide?

For centuries, our ancestors used natural defenses to protect themselves from diseases. Our bodies inherently know how to protect and defend themselves, but there are many things that weaken our immune systems. IMMUSE™ brings us back to basics and helps our immune systems work the way they were intended to by providing the kind of resistance nature gave to our ancestors to help them survive the harshest of conditions. Using the centuries-old concept of granular therapy, IMMUSE™ takes regulating peptides derived from porcine (pig) spleen and liver cells, whose main function is to react aggressively against foreign bodies. The basic concept behind granular therapy is the medicinal use of concentrated glandular extracts from animal organs to support human health. Porcine cells are optimal sources of natural peptides as this particular animal is widely recognized as being genetically compatible to humans.

Essential Peptide Immune Boosting Supplement

IMMUSE™ is the most advanced immune boosting supplement, created from the most natural source. Our proprietary blend consists of unique organic proteins and peptides along with essentials minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants that aid in blocking invaders like bacteria and viruses before they cause harm to the body. IMMUSE™ fills in the nutritional gap with important amino acids which puts the body in a fighting position, strengthening resistance and training cells. By using natural proteins, IMMUSE™ is helping the body to naturally defend itself before it is compromised. Shop online now and start taking IMMUSE™ as a once-a-day daily essential to help fill nutritional voids and fortify immune function.