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January 11, 2019

We have all heard thatvitamin C is one of the most important vitamins that we can take on a daily basis. As a water-soluble nutrient, vitamin C is excreted out of our bodies very quickly. Since our bodies also cannot produce this essential nutrient on its own, we must obtain vitamin c benefits from an outside source like IMMUSE™. With anutraceutical like IMMUSE™, we are able to completely replenish our bodies with the nutrients it needs since food only provides a very low dose. This vital vitamin is one of the most powerful nutrients our bodies body can absorb in order to protect itself. Thus, a daily dose of the nutraceutical IMMUSE™ strengthens the immune system while supplying the body with an abundance of essential nutrients.  

The Immunity Vitamin

Vitamin C is useful for our immune system since it provides one of the most essential nutrients needed to support the body's overall health. Taking a daily dose of vitamin C can help reduce the strength and duration of a cold, successfully treating the symptoms and making them feel less severe. This further allows the immune system to heal the body at a much faster rate.

The Importance of Vitamin C

When your body is deficient of vitamin C, the frequency and duration of colds are longer, especially for older individuals, having frequent colds can be an indicator of a poor immune function. When your body is deficient of vitamin C, key aspects of your immune function are affected including:
  • The Innate Immune System We Are Born With
  • Our Adaptive Immune System That develops From Infancy To Adulthood
  • Cells That Kill Harmful Pathogens
  • The Cells That Coordinate The Attack On Pathogens
  • The Production Of Antibodies That Fight Infections

Why Our Immune System Depends On Vitamin C

Vitamin C energizes your body's immune system, naturally. It effectively provides daily support to keep you in optimal health. Our bodies can repair tissue that has been damaged at a much faster rate. It also allows wounds to heal a lot faster while at the same time strengthening the health of our cartilage, bones, skin, and teeth. Our bodies may not be able to prevent a cold from occurring, however, supplementing the body with a daily dose of IMMUSE™ greatly decreases the length of any symptoms. The additional benefits vitamin C provides to your overall health include:
  • Healthy Skin
    • Helps produce collagen, keeping skin healthy
  • Prevent Cardiovascular Disease
    • Helps reduce cholesterol by preventing plaque build-ups and improves circulation.
  • Improve Eye Health
    • Helps protect the cells of your eyes
  • Reduce Immune System Deficiencies
    • Denying your body a daily replenishment of essential nutrients can lead to serious illnesses. You are weakening your body's defense system.

How Vitamin C Benefits The Immune System

Our immune system has several different types of white blood cells. Each of these cells plays a significant role in fighting illness-causing bacteria and viruses. Vitamin C helps stimulate the production and also function of your body's white blood cells. By supplementing the body with this powerful vitamin, it is then able to produce antibodies. These antibodies bind to invading cells and neutralize them. The potency of vitamin C’s antioxidant properties helps protect certain white blood cells from any toxic pathogens, making it one of the most essential nutrients your body needs for healthy immune system response.

The Many Roles Vitamin C Plays

As a powerful antioxidant, vitamin C is commonly known to strengthen the immune system, however, it also assists the body in:
  • Absorbing Iron
  • Protecting Vitamins A & E From Oxidation
  • Protecting Against Heart Disease
  • Facilitating Proper Blood Flow
  • Preventing Scurvy & Cures It As Well
  • Promoting Collagen Synthesis
As children, we have been told to take our vitamins every day to stay healthy and strong, but many people are not aware of all of the powerful vitamin C benefits. The inability to produce vitamin C  is why we should be supplementing our bodies with it on a daily basis. With the nutraceutical, IMMUSE™, you replenish your body with natural nutrients that go far beyond just vitamin C. Natural healing agents flow through your system to help keep your body protected and your immune system strong. For the once-a-daydaily essential nutrient that boosts your overall immune function, shop online for IMMUSE™  today.