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February 08, 2019

One of the most unique things about the essential peptide supplement IMMUSE™ is our commitment to health promotion and disease prevention to our global community. IMMUSE™ is expertly handcrafted with aproprietary blend of nutrient-rich peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to fortify the immune system. Peptides are potent immune system regulating molecules whose main function is to react aggressively against foreign bodies like bacteria and viruses. By using natural proteins, IMMUSE™ helps the body to naturally defend itself before it is compromised, laying a foundation down for a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle. At IMMUSE™, we are strong advocates of promoting health and overall wellness to everyone, especially to those who cannot afford traditional preventative care and basic medical treatment. Through our partnerships and outreach programs, we are able to provide lifesaving relief aid to families in third world countries.

The IMMUSE™ Story  

When IMMUSE™ founder and president Fabrizio Acquaviva set out to find a natural alternative in order to alleviate symptoms from a debilitating disease, he not only discovered a preventative and curative daily essential but he also found a second chance at life. After he experienced a dramatic improvement in his overall health and quality of life, he vowed to give the same opportunity to someone else who was experiencing a hopeless situation like he once did. Since then, Fabrizio has dedicated his life purpose to making IMMUSE™ accessible to anyone who is looking for a natural supplement that supports immune system health.

Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

Health promotion and disease prevention are at the core of what we do at IMMUSE™, but, unfortunately, not everyone in our global community has the same resources to achieve these goals. Every year, millions of people in third world countries die from illnesses, which could have been prevented or properly treated, because they didn’t have access to essential healthcare services. In order to truly help our global neighbors promote health and wellness and protect themselves against preventable diseases and illnesses, the core team at IMMUSE™ decided to create the Take One Give One outreach initiative.

Take One Give One Initiative

Our Take One Give One initiative allows members of our wellness community support someone on the other side of the world that may not have access to traditional medicine or the latest medical treatments. Through our partnership with Global Empowerment Mission, we are able to provide essential relief supplies like water filtration systems and organic meals to children. Depending on your subscription, we will provide:
  • One-Time Purchase: One bottle of IMMUSE™ to someone in need 
  • Monthly Subscription: One bottle of IMMUSE™ to someone in need & a water filtration system for a family
  • Yearly Subscription: One bottle of IMMUSE™ to someone in need & a year supply of organic meals for a student

Global Empowerment Mission

Global Empowerment Mission(GEM) is a nonprofit organization that has been dedicated to supporting some of the most significant global tragedies over the last decade by providing critical disaster relief. Founded in 2011 by Michael Capponi, the founding members of GEM have been involved in over 200 aid relief trips. GEM not only provides emergency aid, food, and housing, but they also provide quality education, diverse vocational training and job creation to people in third world countries such as Haiti.

Essential Peptide Supplement

Providing a preventative and curative essential peptide supplement especially to those who do not have access to traditional preventative care and basic medical treatment is at the core of what we do at IMMUSE™. Through ourTake One Give One initiative, we have been able to provide a daily peptide essential that strengthens the immune system and improves the overall quality of life especially for families in third world countries who do not have access to traditional preventative care and basic medical treatment. Become a driver of change and join our immunity service community byshopping online today.