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February 11, 2019

People are constantly getting sick, especially during the cold winter months. In fact, you may be currently battling a fever or a sore throat. Avoiding catching a cold is much easier said than done, however, there are a few steps that can be taken to prevent yourself from laying in bed and feeling horrible for weeks on end. Taking an immune system supplement like IMMUSE™ can help to strengthen your body’s defenses and protect you against bacteria and viruses. IMMUSE™ is a daily essential made from the most natural source, using a unique formula of peptides and essential vitamins and minerals that rejuvenate and strengthen the body from the inside, out.

Key Steps To Avoid Catching A Cold All Year Round

  • Get Your Bed Rest
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Avoid Contact With Other Sick People
  • Exercise
  • Don’t Overuse Antibiotics
  • Take IMMUSE™

Get Your Bed Rest

The first step to keeping your immune system strong is to maintain a healthy sleep schedule. When we don’t get enough sleep, we also don’t provide our bodies with enough energy to fully maintain all systems at 100% and we feel exhausted the next day. Receiving less than the standard seven hours of sleep can severely impact how your body functions. The immune response is slowed down significantly due to impacted genetic pathways that control the activation of the immune system. By getting a good night of sleep every night you give your body the best chance at rapidly deploying its immune response and terminating any contagions.

Stay Hydrated

It’s vital that we stay hydrated in order to stay healthy. Our kidneys work to clear our bodies of any harmful toxins, however, they require a steady intake of water every day to flush out toxins. Without it, these toxins can buildup and severely impact the entire body. It can also lead to kidney stones, which can be a painful experience. To avoid this, make sure that you drink between 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.

Avoid Contact With Other Sick People

A very easy way for our bodies to come into contact with germs is to communicate and interact with others who are currently sick. Any form of direct contact can lead to germs spreading and invading our bodies. In fact, even sharing the same air can lead to sickness. It’s best to avoid general contact with people who are sick. This can typically be a difficult task but precautions can be taken. It’s crucial to thoroughly wash your hands to ensure that you avoid any viruses or illnesses sticking to your hands and being transmitted to your mouth, nose, or eyes.


Exercise can greatly increase our chances of avoiding sickness during the winter months. This is because working out boosts your immune system by strengthening your entire body. Studies have been found that exercising even for 20-30 minutes can increase the number of white cells in your body, and thus increase your body’s ability to shut down any foreign invaders.

Don’t Constantly Use Antibiotics

While antibiotics help our bodies kill bacteria and allow us to feel better, sooner, the overuse of them can weaken our immune systems. Unless we absolutely need antibiotics, it’s best to avoid relying on them too heavily. For minor colds, we should allow our bodies to fight them off naturally in order this build our defenses and immunity. By relying too much on antibiotics, our bodies won't build their own resistance to illnesses, and we’ll be left sicker than ever, even with medication.


When it comes to avoiding catching a cold this winter, IMMUSE™ can be the difference maker. Every time you take IMMUSE™, you provide your body with a full range of vitamins and minerals designed to keep your body at full health every single day of the year. IMMUSE™ also offers its proprietary blend, which was created to provide essential peptides to the immune system, boosting the overall immune response. With IMMUSE™, you give yourself the best chance to make it through winter without getting sick. Give your body the opportunity to defend itself better than ever before by taking IMMUSE™ every day. Made up of several key vitamins and minerals, paired with our proprietary blend, IMMUSE™ provides you with the necessary pieces to be healthy all year long. If interested in joining our growing community, simply visit our shop and start your journey to optimal health today!