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February 13, 2019

The immune system is a remarkable collaboration between various cells and proteins. This collaboration provides a natural defense system against bacteria and diseases in the environment. Every cell of the immune system performs a specific task that recognizes and reacts to foreign bodies. The cells and proteins of the immune system are not formed from a single organ. That is because the immune system is dispersed throughout the body. This is how it can easily provide rapid responses to foreign pathogens.

The Cells Of The Immune System

The cells of the immune system travel through the bloodstream. These cells are contained within specialized vessels called lymphatics. It is the lymph nodes and the spleen that provide structures for cell-to-cell communication. The development of the cells of the immune system begins within the bone marrow. It develops alongside the blood-forming stem cell, hematopoietic. This cell is the most important cell in the bone marrow due to its ability to generate an entire immune system. Even though all components of the immune system interact with each other, there are two categories of immune responses. These responses are the innate immune system and the adaptive immune system.

The Innate Immune System

Innate immune responses rely on cells that require no experience or previous interaction. These cells get the job done from the start. This includes cells like the natural killer cells (NK), monocytes, and neutrophils. The innate immune system responds rapidly and reliably when an infection occurs.

The Adaptive Immune System

The second category of defense is the adaptive immune system. This response system involves T-cells and B-cells, which do require previous interaction with foreign bodies. This way these cells do not attack the natural cells in the body.

The Cells That Make Up The  Immune System

Our immune system consists of a range of cells with different roles in defending the body. The cells of the immune system include:
  • Bone Marrow: Bone Marrow is the site where the majority of the cells of the immune system are produced. Either as immature cells or stem cells.

  • Stem Cells: Stem Cells have the potential to differentiate and mature into different cells of the immune system.

  • Thymus: The thymus is an organ located in the chest. It instructs immature lymphocytes, white blood cells, to become mature T-lymphocytes.

  • B-Cells: B-Cells are lymphocytes that arise in bone marrow. B-Cells can differentiate into plasma cells that turn into antibodies or immunoglobulins

  • Cytotoxic T-Cells: Cytotoxic T-Cells are lymphocytes that mature within the thymus. These cells are responsible for killing infected cells.

  • Helper T-Cells: Helper T-Cells are specialized lymphocytes that help other T-Cells and B-Cells function.

  • Plasma Cells: Plasma Cells are cells that develop from B-Cells. These are cells that make antibodies, immunoglobulin.

  • Neutrophils: Neutrophils are cells found in the bloodstream. These cells rapidly ingest microorganisms and kill them.

  • Monocytes: Monocytes are a type of phagocytic cell that is found in the bloodstream. These cells develop into a macrophage whenever it migrates to tissues.

  • Red Blood Cells: Red blood cells are cells in the bloodstream. These cells carry oxygen from the lungs to the tissues.

  • Platelets: Platelets are small cells in the bloodstream. These cells play an important role in blood clotting.

  • Dendritic Cells: Dendritic cells are important cells that present antigen to the immune system.

What You Can Do To Keep These Cells Strong

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