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February 15, 2019

Giving back is not only associated with the obvious benefit of helping others, but it can also provide a number of physical, emotional and mental health benefits. Companies like IMMUSE™ provide members with the unique opportunity to improve their overall health and wellness through their products while offering philanthropic opportunities, at the same time. IMMUSE™ lays down the foundation for a happier, healthier life by filling in the body’s nutritional gap with organic peptides that help the immune system to naturally defend itself before it is compromised by bacteria or viruses. Our key ingredient, potent immune system regulating peptides, modify biological processes and enhance the immune system’s response and function, making it the most advanced and natural immune system supplement currently on the market. Along with these powerful peptides, IMMUSE™ is also chock-full of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that work in unison to create the ultimate defense mechanism.

Giving Back Is Good For Your Health

Whether you volunteer for a nonprofit organization, donate to a local charity or offer emotional support to someone in need, giving back feels good. Studies have also found that giving back is associated with physical, emotional and mental health benefits like:
  • Increased Self-Esteem
  • Better Sleep
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Decrease Risk of Depression
  • Lower Stress Level
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Greater Happiness
Stress, lack of sleep, depression and high blood pressure are all things that contribute to a weakened immune system. When our defenses are down, we are more susceptible to bacteria and viruses. By performing acts of service, we are essentially helping

Take One Give One Outreach Initiative

At IMMUSE™, we are passionate advocates of promoting health and overall wellness to everyone, especially to those that cannot afford or have access to traditional preventative care or basic medical treatments. Our Take One Give One outreach initiative, powered by Global Empowerment Mission (GEM), was created to help families in third world countries receive relief aid like food and clean water. GEM is a nonprofit organization, founded in 2011 by Michael Capponi, which is dedicated to supporting some of the most significant global tragedies by providing critical disaster relief. When members of our wellness community purchase a bottle of IMMUSE™, they are not just taking their health into their own hands but they are also helping millions of people in developing countries protect themselves against harmful bacteria and viruses with our immune system supplements and critical aid.

Illness Prevention

The ultimate goal behind IMMUSE™ is to promote health through illness prevention. We accomplish this goal by providing an immune system supplement that has the highest peptide integrity on the market, making the IMMUSE™ proprietary blend powerful and concentrated. We have managed to preserve the highest concentration of peptides in every capsule due to our special extraction process, which consists of a predigestion of porcine spleen and liver glands with the help of plant and animal enzymes. The partially digested material is then passed through a series of filtrations to separate out fat-soluble and large molecules. The purified peptide material is then air-dried overnight and pulverized. The powder is blended with a series of vitamins and compounds and encapsulated for daily use. Peptides are the perfect ingredient because they are the building blocks for the manufacturing of white blood cells, enzymes, proteins and hormones which all work together to ensure a proper immune system response. Due to their small molecular size, peptides can be easily digested, allowing them to be directly delivered into the bloodstream for maximum effect. Our peptides are extracted from porcine cells, which is considered to be genetically compatible with the human genome.

IMMUSE™ Immune System Supplements

Performing acts of kindness are one of the most therapeutic things that we can do for our minds and bodies. What sets IMMUSE™ apart from other nutraceutical companies, is that we provide ways for our members to improve their overall mental, emotional and physical health and well-being through our products and through our outreach programs. IMMUSE™ is an immune system supplement taken as a once-a-day daily essential to help fill nutritional voids and bolster your immune function. Our proprietary blend of immune system regulating peptides and essential vitamins and minerals will prevent cell damage, initiate internal repair and prevent the development of illnesses. Shop today and give back to your global community.