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March 18, 2019

While it may seem as though exercising is just for losing weight or increasing muscle mass, working out directly impacts our body’s ability to fight off diseases and illness. Fitness offers a range of benefits for your immune system. In fact, fitness and the immune system go hand-in-hand. When the immune system is working at peak efficiency, we’re able to get more out of our workouts by working out smarter, not harder. Both are directly intertwined, so knowing how to maximize each will ensure that we work out smarter, not harder for the best results.

The Effects Of Exercise On The Immune System

Fitness offers a wide range of benefits on the immune system and your body as a whole. With a moderate exercise plan, we can minimize the number of infections that we experience each year. Studies conducted by the British Journal of Sports Medicine have found that working out for 1-2 hours a day can reduce our risk of upper respiratory tract infections by 33%. Other studies and theories have shown that the sudden rise in body temperature during a workout can prevent bacteria from growing. Exercise also reduces our stress hormone response levels. This is extremely important, as stress can be very dangerous to the immune system. Stress causes our immune systems to overwork, sending an immediate response to the endocrine system that it has to go into emergency mode. This severely depresses our immunity, leaving us open to being infected far more easily. Working out too much can also be a detriment to the immune system. Overworking your entire body can leave the immune system working overtime. Hard exercise forces the body to release adrenaline and cortisol, both of which are stress hormones. With the immune system forced to work on alleviating stress, it leaves the rest of the body unguarded. This is why many bodybuilders and marathon runners suffer constantly from the flu and other illnesses. To get the most out of the immune system, make sure to exercise consistently, but not overdo it.

Boost Your Immune System To Maximize Your Workouts With IMMUSE™

While exercise is great for the immune system, we have to always be aware of what our bodies can handle and what we can and can’t do without sending our immune systems into crisis mode. Fortunately, you’re able to maximize your workouts with IMMUSE™. IMMUSE™ was designed to solidify your immune response while offering a significant energy boost to your everyday life thanks to its unique peptide formula and an extensive list of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. With a boosted immune response, your body will be better equipped to respond and actively manage stress. This grants you more leeway in what exercises you can and can’t do. With a tougher immune system, you’re able to freely enjoy your workouts for longer. If you’re interested in unlocking your immune system’s true capabilities and taking your health back to basics, visit our shop page today to start your health journey with IMMUSE™.