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May 03, 2019

No political or socioeconomic crisis has rung out so harshly in the past 10 years as the current situation occurring in Venezuela. Since June of 2010, the Venezuelan people have experienced one of the most tumultuous periods of their entire history, as a country. From a hyperinflation rate of 2,295,982% to a lack of basic resources such as water and food, the people of Venezuela have become desperate.

The People Of Venezuela Are In Crisis

Poverty in the country has doubled since 2014, and at least 8,000,000 people don’t have enough to eat, at any given moment, leaving people rummaging through the garbage, hoping to find a morsel to eat. Most hospitals have fallen into disarray with little to no medical supplies available. They have been forced to reuse equipment such as needles, syringes, and catheters. Diseases that were once eradicated from Venezuela such as Malaria have come back. Since the first week of March, practically the entire country has been without electricity almost every other day. Crime and riots have become increasingly prevalent, making it hard for most people to safely leave their homes. These awful conditions continue to persist, leaving most Venezuelans to struggle to find the will to live each day. Until very recently, no international aid was allowed into the country. All borders were completely closed to those on both sides. Many were forced to leave their life behind and illegally cross over into the bordering countries of Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil. While international aid is finally being allowed entry, it is extremely limited. There’s no telling those in dire need will receive the supplies they need, due to the high levels of corruption in the country. Many are hopeless, and they fear for the worst.

Global Empowerment Mission And IMMUSE™ Joining The Cause

Despite the chaos, there is hope. Those that have migrated across the border have found living conditions to be difficult, as these border countries try their best to figure out how to help everyone. Resources are low, and they’re doing their absolute best to accommodate those coming across. Thankfully, organizations likeGlobal Empowerment Mission (GEM) and IMMUSE™ are ready to help. GEM is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 by Michael Capponi that works to provide immediate relief to people affected by crises around the world. They were one of the first relief organizations to visit Mozambique following the recent Cyclone Idai, Hurricane Michael, and more. GEM reached the Colombian/Venezuelan border located in Cucuta, Colombia in early March as tens of thousands of Venezuelans crossed. Once there, GEM donated food, clean water, tents, bottles of Immuse™ and other vital medical supplies to those in desperate need. GEM has also powered our Take One Give One Initiative, which aims to provide essential health to those desperately in need around the globe. With Take One Give One for every bottle you purchase, we will donate a bottle of IMMUSE™ and a portion of the sale to GEM, who will then distribute it to someone in need while on their relief missions. You can help someone fighting for their lives during the Venezuelan Crisis today by visiting our shop or learn more about our Take One Give One Outreach Initiative.

Immuse™ Is Helping People Take Back Their Health

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