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April 25, 2019

Supporting our global community is something that we here at IMMUSE™ are extremely passionate about. We not only strive to help our local community by providing our unique peptide immune support supplement but, as well, through our partnership with Global Empowerment Mission, we have been able to provide lifesaving aid to our global neighbors in third world countries like Haiti, Venezuela and most recently Mozambique. IMMUSE™ is a peptide supplement that heals the body from the inside, out. The potent peptides in Immuse™ act as modifiers, helping to improve certain biological functions like our immune system’s response and our production of collagen. With the highest concentration of peptides found within a single capsule, Immuse™ delivers a powerful blend of amino acids along with other essential vitamins and minerals.

Helping Our Global Neighbors When Disaster Strikes

When it comes to natural disasters, there are many factors that contribute to third world countries experiencing devastating loss and destruction, as compared to more developed countries. Third world countries do not have the proper infrastructure, well-developed communication systems, well-maintained network of highways, and a technologically-advanced and well-equipped rescue operation in order to minimize the death and destruction caused by natural disasters. Due to all of these factors, the result of a natural disaster in a third world country is often times catastrophic.

Take One Give One Outreach Initiative

In order to help communities in developing countries after disaster strikes, Immuse™ has partnered with the nonprofit organization Global Empowerment Mission in order to provide life-saving relief aid to people in need through our Take One Give One initiative. For every bottle purchased, we will donate a portion of sales that will go towards delivering relief supplies along with Immuse™ to third world countries. Global Empowerment Mission was founded by Michael Capponi in 2011 and has been involved in some of the most significant global tragedies over the last decade.

Global Empowerment Mission Disaster Relief Trips

Through our amazing partnership with Global Empowerment Mission, we have been able to provide lifesaving aid to countries like Venezuela and Mozambique through their relief missions. Global Empowerment Mission has sent clean water, water filtration systems, and food and medical aid. Our relief efforts also take place at home like when we were able to give the people of California supplies after entire towns were destroyed due to the devasting wildfires.

Buy A Bottle Of Immuse™ And Join Our Global Initiative

By buying a bottle of Immuse™, you are not only taking your health back, but you are also families in third world countries who are the most vulnerable and susceptible to illnesses and diseases, especially after natural disasters. Help us change the world by shopping online today and joining our Take One Give One outreach initiative.