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January 23, 2019

The immune system is our own personal built-in security system that is always working to maintain optimal health. This powerful system provides both offensive and defensive support for every cell and organ in the body. Understanding how your immune system works is key to maintaining vitality along with taking anessential immune support supplement like IMMUSE™. IMMUSE™ is an all-natural daily essential that is expertly handcrafted with a proprietary blend of nutrient-rich peptides, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals to fortify the immune system. By using natural proteins, IMMUSE™ helps the body to naturally defend itself before it is compromised.

Harnessing The Power of The Immune System

The immune system is truly remarkable. Every second of every single day, our immune cells are monitoring our bodies for any type of disease or abnormality, sending signals to your body whenever it detects a harmful pathogen. The immune system never stops working to protect our bodies by:
  • Repairing Cells & Tissues
  • Removing Old & Dead Cells
  • Destroying Infected Cells
  • Detoxifying The Body
  • Protecting Against Threatening Microbes

The Major Components of the Immune System

Our immune system is made up of various chemicals and proteins. This includes antibodies and white blood cells. These chemicals and proteins attack and destroy harmful pathogens that the body detects. The major components that make up our immune system are:

The Spleen

The spleen is the largest organ in the body. It contains white blood cells that fight disease and infections. The spleen controls the amount of blood in our bodies and disposes of any old or damaged blood cells.

Bone Marrow

Bone marrow is the yellow tissue in the center of our bones. This is where white blood cells are produced. It contains stem cells, the prized cells within bone marrow, that are able to morph into any human cell. Bone Marrow is the location where all the cells of the immune system begin their development.

Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes are the small, bean-shaped structures in the body. They produce and store cells to fight disease and infection. Lymph nodes contain a clear fluid that carries cells throughout the body. When the body is fighting infection, lymph nodes get swollen and feel sore.


The thymus is a small organ where T-cells mature. It can trigger and maintain your body's production of antibodies.


Leukocytes are white blood cells that fight disease. They identify and eliminate harmful pathogens that have entered your body.


Lymphocytes are small white blood cells that defend our bodies against disease. There are two types of lymphocytes:
  • B-cells: antibodies that attack bacteria and toxins
  • T-cells: destroy infections and cancerous cells

How To Maintain A Healthy Immune System

The immune system has the ability to work non-stop, however, certain daily lifestyle choices can diminish it’s power, leaving your body vulnerable to harmful diseases and viruses. There are a few essential ways to help maintain a healthy immune system including:

Being Aware of Your Diet

Paying attention to your diet can have a beneficial effect on your immune system. Consuming foods with natural antioxidants will boost the overall health of your immune function. Consuming foods like sweet potatoes, spinach and green tea all have essential nutrients. Consuming foods that add a daily boost to your immune health is one of the key components to longevity. Try and avoid fatty foods that contain polyunsaturated fats as well as high amounts of sugar.

Taking An Immune Supporting Supplement

Taking an all natural supplement that supports the immune system is essential. A supplement likeIMMUSE™ is a preventative and curative that strengthens your immune system. IMMUSE™  is an essential once-a-day immune support that fills your nutritional voids and bolsters immune function.

Managing Your Stress

Stress affects your immune system by raising your blood pressure and puts a strain on your circulatory system which increases your heart rate. Stress reducing activities like yoga, meditation, or reading can help to calm the body.

Letting Yourself Rest

Everytime we sleep, our bodies reset and heal. By getting 7-8 hours of sleep every day, we allow our bodies to renew and restore every system. Every so often, a disease or a virus manages to invade our bodies defense system in small ways and sometimes in ways we never thought possible.That is why it is so important to boost the power of your immune system daily. Your immune system never stops working in order to prevent the body from falling ill. Revitalizing your body's system with a  once-a-day nutraceutical is the key to vitality. IMMUSE™ is a powerful health tonic that rejuvenates your body's natural defense system. To help your body maintain a healthy immune system, shop today.