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January 21, 2019

IMMUSE™ is the only nutraceutical company that has created the most advanced immune system supplement, made from the most natural source and based on extensive scientific research. Inspired by the oldest, most powerful natural elements of our ancestor’s diets, IMMUSE™ is expertly handcrafted with a proprietary blend of nutrient-rich peptides, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to fortify the immune system. Our proprietary blend consists of unique organic proteins and peptides, which are potent immune system regulating cells whose main function is to react aggressively against foreign bodies like bacteria and viruses. By using natural proteins, IMMUSE™ helps the body to naturally defend itself before it is compromised.  

Fundamental Nutrition Based on Science

The key ingredient in IMMUSE™ is pure, potent and living peptides. Thebenefits of peptides in areas like immune system function have been widely known for years. Peptides are the building blocks for special white blood cells, enzymes, proteins, and hormones that work harmoniously to ensure a proper immune system response to invaders such as toxins, allergens, and bacteria. The peptides used in IMMUSE™ are cultivated from porcine spleen and liver cells. Porcine cells are optimal sources of natural peptides as this particular animal is widely recognized as being genetically compatible with humans. IMMUSE™ fills in the nutritional gap with these important amino acids, which put the body in a fighting position, strengthening resistance and training cells.  

Advanced Immune Support Supported By Research

IMMUSE™ provides invincible immune system support that is based on the concept of glandular therapy. Glandular therapy has been used for centuries as an important form of preventative medicine, which involves the use of concentrated extracts of glands from animal organs to support human health. With glandular therapy, IMMUSE™ brings us back to basics, helping the immune system work the way it was intended to by providing the kind of resistance nature gave to our ancestors to help them survive the harshest of conditions. Through our special extraction process, we have managed to maintain 95% protein integrity, creating a powerful and concentrated peptide blend. Our extraction process consists of partially digesting the porcine spleen and liver cells used in IMMUSE™ by using plant and animal enzymes. Once partially digested, the glandular material is passed through a series of filtrations for purification. The purified material is then air-dried overnight and made into a powder, blended with essential vitamins and minerals and placed into capsules.  

Health Promotion And Disease Prevention

The main focus behind IMMUSE™ is providing health promotion and disease prevention. When founder and president of IMMUSE™ Fabrizio Acquaviva was diagnosed with a debilitating disease at the age of 32, he found himself not only battling the symptoms of his illness, but also the numerous health complications that developed as a result of the medication he was taking. Fabrizio was forced to stop taking his medication and left desperate for a natural alternative to try and treat his condition. That’s when he discovered a blend of natural, essential peptides, which would later become IMMUSE™. The potent peptides in IMMUSE™ turned Fabrizio’s life around and put him onto the path to healing and recovery. He decided to dedicate his life to making IMMUSE™ accessible to anyone who is looking for a natural supplement that supports immune system health. The powerful healing powers of IMMUSE™ include:
  • Strengthening The Immune System Response
  • Providing Daily Dose of Essential Vitamins and Minerals
  • Enhancing Energy Levels
  • Improving Health & Overall Quality of Life
  • Supporting Optimal Hormone Balance

A Nutraceutical Company Focused On Community

One of the most unique aspects of IMMUSE™ is our commitment to providing a preventative and curative daily essential especially to those who do not have access to traditional preventative care and basic medical treatment. IMMUSE™ has partnered with theGlobal Empowerment Mission (GEM) to help us accomplish our goal of providing health benefits, relief and a higher quality of life to those in need. GEM is helping to power ourTake One Give Oneoutreach initiative to third world countries around the world. For every bottle purchased, we will give a bottle of IMMUSE™ to someone in need along with relief supplies like clean water and organic meals. When you give yourself the gift of health, you’re also giving it to someone who wouldn’t be able to receive it on their own. Shop online now and join the IMMUSE™ wellness community.