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January 09, 2019

New Years Day may have come and gone in the blink of an eye, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with everyone else and start a resolution of your own. We’re constantly trying to improve ourselves, which is why setting a goal so early in the year prompts us to work hard so by the end we have something to show for the past 365 days. Coming up with a resolution for yourself can be difficult as there are so many different things we’d like to accomplish by this time next year. If you, like so many others out there, are struggling to decide on a New Years resolution for yourself, there are some common ones that might be just the goal you need to set for yourself in 2019, which include:
  • Master Self-Care
  • Save Money
  • Go On More Adventures
  • Learn Something New
  • Spend More Time With Your Friends And Family
  • Lose Weight
  • Work Harder
  • Drink and Smoke Less
  • Use Your Phone Less
  • Get More Sleep

Master Self-Care

One of the more difficult resolutions to accomplish is mastering the art of self-care. There are so many other resolutions that play large parts in achieving this goal that it can seem overwhelming. Self-care seems simple as all we have to do is take care of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. That is nowhere near the case, though. It involves putting ourselves first from time to time over others and making sure we’re happy with our own lives. Knowing what you love to do versus what you hate and cutting it out of your life is extremely important. Not going to parties where there are people you dislike, consistently sticking to a healthy diet, and relaxing daily are all vital to maintaining self-care. Treating your body right, such as taking your IMMUSE™ daily and providing it with essential immune support, is key to living a fulfilling and healthy lifestyle. It may seem selfish to actively participate in self-care, but it’s not! Being able to take care of ourselves allows us to take care of those around us to the best of our abilities day in and day out.

Save Money

Saving money is a great New Years Resolution to keep throughout the year. We may find ourselves spending our money on frivolous purchases and random things. We’ll buy clothes that we’ll only wear once and food that goes untouched. Wasting your money all year can be the difference between going on that vacation you’ve always dreamed of and being stuck at home all year. Saving money can be difficult, and includes sacrifices along the way. There will be occasions where you won’t be able to go out to eat at a restaurant or hang out with your friends at the local bar. Instead of always going out, throw events at your own home and have your friends come to you. Buying groceries and eating in more often than you go out to eat will definitely be key to saving money in the long run. If you’re looking to buy that dream car or house in the long run, then this is the resolution for you.

Go On Adventures

If you’re tired of being stuck at home all day every day, then it may be time to get out into the world and do something different. Getting away from work and your everyday life can be exactly what you need to give yourself the boost you need. Going on a week-long cruise with your best friends or backpacking across Europe can change your life from start to finish. Even camping with a few friends or by yourself can change your entire outlook on the year. If you’re looking to live life differently this year, then it may be time to schedule a few journeys on your calendar. Before embarking on an adventure, make sure to take IMMUSE™ daily. This will provide your body's immune system support necessary for the long journeys as you never want to get sick on this once in a lifetime adventure.

Learn Something New

Learning something new throughout the year can be a great New Year’s resolution for those looking to be challenged. This resolution can be anything from as small as learning how to juggle or learning a new language or how to play an instrument. Intellectually challenging ourselves throughout the year can be a great way of pushing ourselves each and every day. You can even learn new work skills and knowledge throughout the year that you can then apply every day that can lend itself to your success within the office. Whatever you choose to learn, don’t stop once you feel you’ve mastered it. Try learning something else, or continue practicing the one thing you started the year with. There’s always something else to learn, so there’s always a challenge along the way.

Spend More Time With Your Friends And Family

Sometimes we get all wrapped up in work or school that we forget what’s most important: our family and friends. They’re our base and keep us grounded at all times, so it’s only right that we spend time with them. Some of our friends and family live in our cities and countries, so we need to do our best to see them whenever we get the chance. They’re a huge source of our happiness and emotional support and keep us going throughout the year. This year, make it your New Year’s resolution to be with your loved ones more this year.

Lose Weight

Losing weight is one of the most common New Year's resolutions every year, but it gets abandoned somewhere along the way. Whether it be due to a lack of motivation or temptation to break the resolution, something typically gives right around Summer. This year, break the curse and keep pushing to achieve that dream body you’ve always wanted. Establish a healthy diet and workout regularly to achieve a healthy lifestyle. IMMUSE™ can be highly beneficial to achieving that healthy lifestyle by providing your body’s immune system with proteins and nutrients it may not receive regularly. Having a healthy lifestyle all year long will be key to losing the weight you’ve always dreamed of shedding.

Work Harder

Sometimes you may feel as though you’re stagnating at work or in school. You’re not interested in what you’re doing, and you only do the bare minimum as to simply get by. In 2019, challenge yourself to work harder and put effort into everything you do. Blow people away with the quality of work you churn out, and do it consistently for 12 months and beyond. If you’re looking to grow as an employee and impress those above you, then going above and beyond this year in the office is the way to go.

Smoke and Drink Less

Smoking and drinking are the social norms that have developed over time and have become the standard when going out with your friends and family. Both are extremely unhealthy and can endanger your health later in life. Both are extremely addictive, so it’s hard to just completely cut out both immediately. Instead, weaning yourself off both throughout the year can lead to a much healthier lifestyle. While it's fine to indulge every once in a while, actively using one or the other (or both at the same time for that matter) on a daily or weekly basis can lead to sometimes fatal events. In 2019, make it your mission to take care of your health and tackle your vices head-on.

Use Your Phone Less

Another major vice that has overwhelmed everyone’s life is using our phones far too much. Whether you devote your time to social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram or love sending messages all day via email and IMs, we are all glued to our smartphones. This year, make it your resolution to disconnect from your cell phone and reconnect to the real world. Many smartphones now have programs built-in to limit your cell phone usage per day. Using this program can be very beneficial to achieving your goal throughout 2019.

Get More Sleep

If you’re constantly staying up late and feeling the consequences every morning as a result, you may want to make it your mission this year to get more sleep. Adults need to get around seven hours of sleep every night to be able to function properly the next day. While there’s plenty to do at night, most of it can wait till the next day. Getting enough sleep every night will lead to far more energetic days and a much more aware version of you in 2019. Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be this year, make it something attainable. Work hard towards that goal and you’re bound to see the results come December. If you’re looking to start your year off the right way, then shop online at IMMUSE™ today to get your subscription of the number one immune boosting nutraceutical available!